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kristin (st0le) wrote,
@ 2003-02-02 10:42:00
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    Current mood: angry
    Current music:Lose Yourself - Eminem

    so mad
    My mom was looking through magazines and shes like "u dont want the black magazine[the source] right?" me -"you don't need to call it the black magazine" "well it is" "well you need to shut up" *she giggles* "SHUT UP" yes, she did. As a punishment Tommy came to install the stove/fridge an hour and a half earlier. Also, she asked to put the cats in my room as my door was locked but i didn't let her :] I called her a racist before, i forgot what she said, but she was like "im far from racist". I don't know - fuckin italian family. I'm pretty sure my brother is racist but don't let me get into that. Well thats my Sunday so far. I got to go to BSSG by 5 so we can hop on the ghetto yellow bus to go to Manhattan. We are going to see Flamenco dancing across the street from Radio City Music Hall. I'll tell you how it is tomorrow. Friday i did absolutely nothing. I think that was the day i had my big fight with Jessy. Saturday my parents went out without me :[ So i just chilled and talked with my boo alex<3 I love him so much hehe :]

    Alright well Jessica invited me and Christina into a chat yesterday. She wanted us to help her write a break up letter to her bf Chris. She said in it that she lost the feeling and him flirting with that girl bothered her but she still loves him. What the fuck?! Anyway, she starts crying. He gets online and begs her not to leave and that he loves her so much. Of course she eventually gives in and doesn't listen to me or Christina. Dude okay we are best friends but she flirts with Anthony + John. Thats no way to treat your boyfriend. Ah i love how people know what love is *shakes head*

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