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Samantha (sstarz) wrote,
@ 2003-04-06 13:59:00
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    Current mood: peaceful
    Current music:hey hey - dispatch

    don't let the days go by..
    so i didn't go to the party last night. actually, nobody went. not one person showedup at dan's house, man i feel so bad for him. he tries so hard, too hard, to fit in. if he only realized that he doesn't have to impress anybody. i hungout w/chris evan & kyle. we metup with the girls i HATE, and it just reminded me why i hate them so much. them and all of their makeup, driving around thinking they're soo coool, "perfect hair and clothes". makes me SICK. i'm loud, but not like dawn. her and her cigarettes, thinking she's the shit. shannon wasn't too bad. i think she's grownup a little bit. but the fact that she calls her car "cee-cee" makes me sick. shannon has a lot of problems though. if my dad was gay and died of AIDS.. i'd be fuckedup for life. her mom doesn't help the situation. i saw charlie seratoff last night. he was with 3 other gay guys - 2 graduated from kings park. ryan was one of them, i forget his last name. omg, perfect. i can't even explain how amazing his looks are, when i used to see him in school i'd basically drool at his feet. he's so PERFECT. he had a girlfriend though, i heard rumors that he came out, but i wasn't sure. then i saw him last night, chewing on his toothpick, gay as ever. i respected that so much. so many people can't fathom the thought of having "gay friends" .. sometimes i forget waht it's like to have straight ones. endless blabber...... whatever, i'm generally in a content mood today. i'm going shopping with my mom to get prom shoes...then to go see eric in godspell, with amanda.

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