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Erin (ssnowwhitee221) wrote,
@ 2003-05-25 17:41:00
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    Current mood: good
    Current music:Not an Adict- Kays Choice

    Update... again, Im so irresponsible with my poor diary!!
    I never have time to do anything ever. But i guess this is a tiny update, its better than nothing. Well I've been so busy because:
    1.) I have had 3 FREAKING CONCERTS!!! (and one coming up on friday [wwooppiiiee!!])
    2.) Field Hockey practice (which is finally over!)
    3.) School (duh, homework= time consument)
    ok thats mainly all but still thats a lot of stuff!! And now i will expand upon each one...

    The concerts.. phew. On May 8th was the chorus concert which actually turned out pretty fun and i got to do some heavy duty dancing on stage (and singing of course.) i started getting a little sick of rehearsing the same stuff over and over and over again so it was good to just get all of that done with. Of course Jamie had her little solo which was very enthusiastic (in a good way...) Now during chorus lunch periods we just get to do homework and hang out and watch Drumline (i found out that Nick Cannon is reaalllyy fine.)
    May 16th was the String Concert which turned out really well, i had fun. Mainly because i got an award and i got talked to by Michel Krone. Well my award was pretty good because i got my name on a plaque and i got a gift certificate (though it was only for $10 but its better than nothing.)
    And then this week was the band concert on the 23rd and that was ok, i hated the music i played and didnt have much fun.

    Field Hockey is over. I know i used to be an obsessive field hockey player and loved every little thing about it, but in the past few days of my playing i have realized that field hockey is just not for me, so i have turned to cross-country. Ever since changing my mind to cross country i have realized that i really do hate field hockey, i mean i get upset whenever brittany gets put in for me and so maybe i should just do something that doesnt involve being subed in, i just run my race and its over with. Im not really the best team player either, i have upset jamie because i said that our defense sucks and she just happens to be one and had to have "the talk" with me. Anyway, if field hockey was ever to get into districts or states, i highly doubt that i would be playing my involvement in the game would be heating the seats for the tired. Plus an extra bonus for being in cross country is that i will be able to stare at Chris Spooner and Chris Moreau as much as i want!!!!

    School... self explanitory, all of this crap about 8th grade graduation and all that kind of stuff, hmmm. yeah, and mrs. smith the homework queen is back and is doing another book with us and has assigned chapters 6-11... thats so not cool!

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