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Pow Wow (spunkysmurf) wrote,
@ 2002-12-04 23:27:00
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    Current mood: peaceful

    arite so i'm busy as all hell with school..cuz i didnt feel like going the last couple of ive got a lot of work to do as weird as it sounds i like being busy kinda gives me the feeling like i'm what i'm doing matters...i'm also really busy with my brothers wedding stuff..yup he's engaged to this great girl...and we're having like a dholki (its a desi thing (desi-paki/indian people..get the point)) we're gonna make up a dance...and blah blah..that reminds me...about our whole desi people family's never ending...and it's about the stupidest things..grr people can sometimes be so...bored...okay boy talk..there's this guy..kris he's my best friends boyfriends friend..yea confusing huh and he's reallly SUPER nice ..yea yea i know i shouldnt think he's so grea cuz he might turn out to be a dick..but he's not i mean my friends bf talks about him and he's like really nice he's kinda shy which is a good thing cuz if we do hook up he wont be jumping all over me UNLIKE SOME OTHER GUYS I KNOW *cough* e-town boys *cough* and he said something that totally made me go..woah...we were talking about a bunch of us and he's like yea i'm a virgin and i'm proud of it...i think that's virginity is kinda an issue these i know that if we do hook up there wont be any pressure..unlike my ex jason...the first thing he asked me is when we're gonna have sex THE SECOND DAY..come on...well i hope this kris thing works out cuz he's a really nice guy..and i could use a guy like him in my life it'll be a change for me..from the usual cheating bastards i end up with...that's for another day tho...i gotta get loads of shiitttt to do..FUN....l8er
    nitey nite

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