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۵§pÜñk¥_MûÑkëÝ۵ز (spunkymunky9) wrote,
@ 2003-02-09 13:21:00
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    Current mood: distressed
    Current music:sound of vaccumming - Step dad.

    I think something is wrong here?
    My friend told me that i move too fast in friendship...uh.okay? no offence but isn't that called being out-going,friendly, and forward?how else do u think i managed to make so many damn friends before? hmm..alrighty! He thinks i moved too fast with friendship when it came to him, that like i was too forward and i only knew him for like 3 weeks. I'm not totaly liking this.
    I have this project for CTS/CALM class, yay...i getta make a poster allll about me! i put my sun glasses and picture of ashton kutcher and stuff, and it looks so funky! its my calloge!. then i have to make a damn pamphlet about my b-day etc. THAT i'm not looking forward to..i don't really like doin that stuff. I'm bored so i'm trying to come up with whatever i can to talk about. I kinda wanna get lil heart lit up attenas for valentines day lol, that would be so sweet! i'm gunna rent a bunch of chick flicks for me and sit infront of the t.v all day. cause its not like i have ne one special to spend it with, right? geez....this blows! i hope this diary ain't gunna be just about me sulking and shit, if it is RUN WHILE U STILL HAVE A CHANCE!..,.i needa put on some music. U kno what? i'm a cutie patootie *aahhaha* *teehee!!!!* damn, mc dicks for the past 3 days can't be healthy, ew. Atleast this flu thing is goin away!...So sorry about the diary entry, i kno it really sucked!

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