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۵§pÜñk¥_MûÑkëÝ۵ز (spunkymunky9) wrote,
@ 2003-03-03 08:44:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:nothing-no diskman :'(

    I'm back.....(lots of writing)
    Sorry i haven't really written in a long time i guess...haven't really cared to. i'm thinking of actually buying a note book and funking it out with stickers...likes cute ones from the dollar store. Maybe i'm Stupid, but i let helen borrow my diskman and a gurl that whent A-wall at her grouphome broke in her room and took my discman. helen was like almost crying and totaly freakin worried. what should i do? i guess i can't do much, just won't let her borrow ne thing like that of mine again, hopefully i don't give in. Gawd, i'm at school in the library. haven't reallly been to school for like 2 weeks cause i've been home sick..yay? I'm skipping 1st class wich is gym cause they are going to play Ringette in the skating rink and I CAN'T SKATE WORTH CRAP!, i'm too scared...i don't like to fall on my bum..its hurts! Grrness, this keyboard is like hurting my wrists, i have to press kinda hard to type, and its straining my wrists, owie. But helen and i ended up at the mall in downtown yesterday and she introduced me to a guy named Cowboy lol. Well, He'z like 21 but that don't bother me..i told him i was 16...even tho i'm TURNING 16 on april bad? eek, well after helen stupidly ditched me out of no where to catch the bus, i was totaly stranded in the huge downtown mall (i don't kno my way around the downtown busses yet) so i was totaly screwed, it was like a damn snow blizzard goin on so i had trouble like waiting for a god-damn bus that would hopefully take me somewhat home. so i called my parents to come n' pick me up. they were kinda pissed but i had no choice. But i ran into Cowboy again and he was TOTALY hitting on me again. helen says he flirts ALOT like he did with her when she just first met him..bbuuutttt...i dunno yo, he kept slapping my ass and shit, i'm not letting the attention get to my head i guess, but i think he was flirting more with me....just i don't think he was going around slapping her ass and trying to get all close n' snug, even tho he'z dying to get back his ex girlfriend. But found me when i was getting a drink from the almost vacant food court in the mall (closing time) and so we hung out and he waited for my parents to come n' get me before we left. but dude, when i got up he like kissed me! i was like AH! we hugged good-bye and then he like had his face infront ofmine and i think imoved my face to the side so he kissed my cheek,i'm kinda confused, it just happened so fast, was weird, not sure what to think of it?..maybe i'm kinda flattered, but maybe he does this to alot of girls or atleast tries,i don't kno him well enough to understand what was goin on in his head or why he did it. maybe he was just horny lol or trying to make himself feel good by getting a kiss from me. Er i dunno, i won't like worry about it i guess. But i wonder, i'm pretty sure if i tell helen about it she will like be grossed out, and/or jelous or something, i swear she can get that way, it happens right? Ne wayz, i'm glad i whent shopping with my mom i got a few shirts from american eagle, like i'm wearing this awsome bright orange t-shirt with some cool stuff on the front, i'm proud :P and i'm wearing my new studed bracelets, one of em has studed stars, yay! lol. I will never let ne one like wear em..noooo seree!. She said to laurier that i look like avril lavigne lol! i look nothing like her, i just have my own style. I Don't look ANYTHING like her, physically atleast. But yea, this damn keyboard is a bitch, it hurts my finger. WOw i've written alot...hope its worth ur while! And i hope laurier doesn't kill himself.....he like needs serious help. aw man, i can't wait till we move in our new house! its gunna rock! its sooooo awsome! but yea, i got in a fight with my dad so my mom has had enough bullshit against him and instead of him paying less than he'z suppose to pay for childsupport, he'z gunna be paying $350 mwahaha..sorry..but like i get to spend like $100 every month on clothes and we'll be like better off, isn't that great! yay!! more studs and bright shirts (can't forget i need more jeans, i wear the same damn ones all the time cause i'm picky n' cheep haha..zellers!) for amber!!! *sigh* me tired...pooie...i can't remember what i have 4th block...oh i have english..oo..thatsnot good...i got in a fight with my teacher last time cause she's a snotty fucken cunt sucking lily licker! ew...i don't like her. Can't u tell? mwahahahahaha. i'm gunna go to the terminal at lunch i think..or maybe i'm just too tired and i'll come back here and write some more never ending journals. I type fast and so i can go on never ending! but then again its not like ne one even reads these hahhahahaha, so oh well. I think thats all i have to say, thats too bad cause i still feel like typing hehe 0.o hehe...=^.^= hey dat'll be my lil face thingy, its like a kitty kat..or something with wiskers?..uhh..i'm not sure. But yea, i best go now, i don't kno what i'm gunna do! alrighty for me! peace to me. :P

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