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Ashley (sporkus) wrote,
@ 2003-11-12 17:52:00
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    Current mood:pmsohmygodouch
    Current music:q and not u - kiss distincly american

    stole it

    if i were a month I would be: November
    if I were a day of the week I would be: Wednesday
    if I were a time of day I would be: evening
    if I were a planet I would be: Saturn
    if I were a direction I would be: south-east
    if I were a piece of furniture I would be: porch swing
    if I were a musical instrument I would be: clarinet
    if I were a liquid I would be: in a bottle
    if I were a tree I would be: one with flowers
    if I were a flower/plant I would be: lilac
    if I were a kind of weather I would be: dark clouds and breezy
    if I were a flavor I would be: strawberry
    if I were an animal I would be:
    if I were a feeling I would be: complete happiness
    if I were an article of clothing I would be: 100% cotton
    if I were a crayon I would be: nicely sharpened
    if I were a playing card I would be: 8 of spades
    if I were a color I would be: soft pink
    if I were a sound I would be: quiet
    if I were an element I would be: carbon
    if I were a song I would be: the days I recall being wonderful // last days of april
    if I were a poem I would be: long
    if I were a movie I would be: a romantic one
    if I were a food I would be: yummy
    if I were a place I would be: in another country
    if I were a shape I would be: an oval
    if I were a taste I would be: good tasting
    if I were a smell I would be: lavender
    if I were an object I would be: something useful
    if I were a body part I would be: hands
    if I were a facial expression I would be: laughing
    if I were a number I would be: 44
    if I was a swear word I would be: shit (ex - what the shit?)
    if I was asleep I would be dreaming about: devin
    if I had a nickname it would be: aluminum ashley
    if I were a word I'd be: ilovedevin
    if I were a book, it would be: a good one
    if I were a shoe, it would be: two sizes too big
    if I were a piece of playground equipment, I would be: the swings
    if I were a stick of gum, the brand would be: generic
    if I was a actor/actress I'd be: Trinity
    if I was a band I'd be: on everyones winamp
    if I was one of my friends I'd be: ..what?
    if I was a monkey i'd be: hairy
    if I were a coffee brand I'd be: foldgers
    if I were something sharp I'd be: a filet knife
    if I were a stone I'd be: gray
    if I were a comp game I'd be: on neopets somewhere
    if I were killed, I'd die: quickly
    if I were a job, I'd be: psychologist
    if I were a brand of water I'd be: refridgerator kind
    if I were a type of car I'd be: one with a motor
    if I were someone else, I'd be: sad

    Hmm....I'm all moved in to my new room. ^.^ Yay!
    It's so big....and yeah...

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