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Sponge Bucket (spongebucket) wrote,
@ 2004-04-14 20:33:00
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    Current mood:shattered
    Current music:the tv, some lady crying about her dead kid- oh well!

    oh baby dont worry
    To Laurra:

    Dont worry about me baby (i love saying that), ill be fine. ive been emo a lot lately but now that me and richard have been talking (last night) we've worked things out.
    The reason he wont go out with me is coz if we break up hes scared that we wont talk and he doesnt want to loose me as a friend. so now we are best friends. id like to be with him but *sigh* that wont happen i dont think.

    i dont know about anything anymore, last night i went to the park and cried for an hour and a half on just...everything (mainly him). i now understand that any guy i get close to will fuck around with my emotions and it will only lead to another depressive state. the only problem this time is getting over sum1 that ive liked for over a year, the first time it was easy to get over because it wasnt physical but now because this time it was... i dont know. everything is shitful right now but dont worry about me ill be peachy withing a few days.

    i love u laurra and i always will. im looking forward to a totally random pressy from you. can we still go 'shopping'? i want one with lots of eyeliner ;P ony you know what i mean

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