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Court (spillivanilli) wrote,
@ 2004-07-19 11:21:00
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    Current music:summer breeze - mraz

    makes me feel fine
    nothing much going on now...i'm working a lot at the shack, which makes me feel dead inside a little. it's a decent job, but people are so fucking rude and ridiculous sometimes, it makes me feel like i have no idea what's going on.

    2 weeks and counting until i get my little bundle of joy (puppy)! i'm about to freak out, i'm so excited. still haven't decided on a name, but i figure that i'll wait until i get to hang out with her a little, to see what she's like...then i'll be able to get a better idea.

    em and finky took off to toronto on friday to visit fink's potential roomies for the fall. apparently they had a great time, because they were supposed to come home on saturday afternoon, and i don't even know if they're back yet, and it's monday. i would assume they are, because they both have 9 to 5's, but who knows...they've dropped off the face of the earth, sort of. i tried to do just that this weekend, and i was almost successful. i spent all day friday and all day saturday reading, laying in bed and watching tv. i didn't call anyone and no one called me. (sad, but also gave me a sort of clarity...i don't know, it was weird. anyway, i'm back now...)

    i'm going canoeing today with ryan, or at least that's the rumor...who knows if we'll actually follow through...but it sounds like fun, right???

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