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Court (spillivanilli) wrote,
@ 2004-07-02 20:30:00
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    Current music:walk on the wild side - lou reed

    there might be hippies there, so you'd better watch out...
    today em and jane and I went on a adventure to pickerel lake to do some swimmin'. it took us forever to find it because we're assholes and have no idea what's going on...also, pickerel lake is in dexter, really far away, in the boondocks.

    jane's mom warned her before she left about those hippies...and there they were, playing the guitar, throwing sticks for their dogs and playing bongos...seriously, bongos...ha ha could not have been more picture perfect if they had little joints permanently affixed to their mouths. delicious.

    the lake was kinda full of fish and seaweed...i kind of had to go to a happy place so i wouldn't go into convulsions thinking about what gross things were lurking around waiting to touch/bite me. yikes. that shit creeps me right out. but we swam out far enough that i didn't worry too much, and we were floating around having a gay old time. on the way home, i felt the way i always did as a kid after a day of swimming...super exausted and starving as heeell.

    i want to go to the lake every day.

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