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rae (specklesofme) wrote,
@ 2003-09-25 09:30:00
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    ok, so this has to be a quickie 'cause i'm supposed to meet age for breakfast in ten minutes. hey - who's happy to be back at school! who missed the bronx! mememememememememe. and i've been here four weeks already and it's soooooooo good. and adrienne and i are goin' west this summer. we've termed it 'west or BUST' and we're making shirts. that's right shirts. with strategically placed words. and we're going to cowboy bars and renaming them. i wanted cowpeople but matt told me i couldn't do that, it'd have to be rodeo bars. awesome. but we're gonna buy cowgirl boots too. hopefully there's some nonleather ones in the bunch. so matt and i inadvertently created a problem for ourselves. we'll see how long it goes before specific people start noticing. but we talked about it, and it's just too good to pass by. it sounds so goofy cheesy but i'm just so happy. and i feel that if it weren't this good, i definitely wouldn't be risking what we're both risking. but the details will be for later. but it's gettin tough because . well. later. i'll tell that part later. anyways, it's goin alright. except for the athlete's foot i contracted on my arm. now, don't ask. we're not sure if it was the subway or the flume ride at coney island. at any rate, it ate up my forearms and is on it's way out hopefully. but i found a new spot. or rather matt did. and it's on the underside of my arm sicko. and jess is coming to visit! woohoo!!!! how fun is that?!? with her mom/aunts/and cousin. and we're all the oldest and i get counted in with aunt jenny because she has no oldest child of her own. party!!!!
    ok, have to go meet age.

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