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rae (specklesofme) wrote,
@ 2003-03-31 23:04:00
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    Current mood:amused

    oh god. how my mother would kill me. you know all those horror stories about girls taking a guy home that she just met??? that was me. only i was in no way even touched by this boy, and he was cute too. but i think i should give more details, because right now i just sound like i'm out of my mind.
    so saturday i get back from my haircut (boy do i love those things) and have to leave for the show with ross right away pretty much. so we get downtown and find the venue and it's raining pretty hard, there's already a line even though the doors don't open for another forty minutes or so. so we're just waiting around and whatnot, and it starts pouring, cats and dogs better build an ark pouring. it was ridiculous. we finally get let in and we're just sitting on these, well, they're just really really wide steps, and there's a kid in the corner, and then me and then ross. so we're waitin and waiting and waitin around, the first band goes on, and they sucked. and this kid next to me leans over and asks how many bands there are supposed to be. i was kind of attracted to him just 'cause he was dressed all, oldschool punk and whatnot. huge 'fro-y hair, died bleach blonde on the edges and dark at the roots, black clothes, skulls on his skater shoes. and he had his skateboard with him. so we end up talking in between sets. um. wow. he's moved 17 times. 17. ok, my seven is hard to beat, i pretty much haven't met anyone that can beat it until now. so i just start talking to him about it, you know, 'cause i kinda know what's goin on. i find out he's a junior in highschool and i'm just like ok, think brother. then i'm like wait, he's got all these i just asked him, and he was like oh, i'm eighteen, my credits haven't always transferred with all the moving. he wants to graduate this summer, he only has one class left. anyways, turns out he has nowhere to stay that night, his friend that lives in brooklyn wasn't there or something. he said he was just gonna spend the night in a park. but i was like, there's really no way i can bring him back, with signin policy and everything. um yeh, then he finds out i speak german, and he starts speaking to me in german!!!!!! so cute! and he only had like a semester of it a few years ago! ah! yes, this whole time ross is next to me. what else did we talk about...he wants to go to an art school in pittsburgh because that's where his older sister is and where his best friend lives. he wants to take classes in glassblowing and screenprinting. the shirt he was wearing? he screenprinted it himself. god. i dunno, so i was just like, i can't let him sleep outside, it's getting cold and it's all wet and gross, so during one of the sets while he was in the crowd dancing, i just leaned over and asked ross what he thought, and he was all about bringing him back to campus, only thing was that he didn't have room in his room since mike was there that night. so i just asked maxx at the end if he wanted to come back with us, and he was like yeh.
    then it took us eighty thousand hours to get back to campus, subway stations closed, uptown trains not running, had to switch to the express, express only ran to 149th, had to get on a shuttle to 161 and then switch trains again. ridiculous. it took us about two hours. so anyways, he spent the night, we went to breakfast, mel yelled at me, shital didn't mind once she found out why i let him spend the night with me. their reactions were, "what? you could've been killed!!! you're the most level-headed one of all of us!!!" um yeh, right, so it's not necessarily something i would likely do, but i did, i felt bad, i needed a little excitement; you know. anyways, he was perfectly fine, and when i walked him up to the subway station, as i hugged him goodbye, he kissed my cheek. ha!
    i talked to him tonight online, and he was so funny, he told me he thought i was cute, and then proceeded to ask me if i liked boys and then if i liked girls. and me being blunt, just told him i was straight if that's what he was getting at, and told him not to worry about it 'cause i actually get that question a lot. then i told him i thought he was cute too. so while rather highschool, it's fun, and he's a good kid from what i can tell (which, granted, is not much but he did spend the night in my room and eat with me and draw me a picture). besides, i don't need anything serious au moment; not at all.
    alright, i have so much work to do it's not even funny. and i've been very distracted all evening. ;o) night

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