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i can hear that song on the radio, radio (spechal_edd) wrote,
@ 2004-04-05 17:55:00
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    Current music:from autumn to ashes- miligram smile

    it doesn't feel right holding someones else's hand...
    my my. do i smell an update? okay so lately things have been okay. sugars party this week. i had fun. well of course i did then. what was i doing? yeah if you were there you'd know. <3
    okay so yesterday i bought myself a new awesome orange ZAP skimboard. its soo awesome. i love it. it cost me 80 damn bucks. pst. alright so today we lost of softball game. last game of the season. we got second place. the only team we lost to was st.thomas. they beat us twice. bitches. we won firstplace, undeafeated, in the tournament on friday. it was kickass.

    well, its happening again. it started yesterday. i havent felt it for awhile. but like i was just so mad listenin 2 them rant about something. and it was pissing me off cuz thats all the ever do. and by they i will not say who. because i know everything i write in here will someday bite me in the ass again. what the hell do you think happened 2 my old blurty where i wrote everything i felt. yeah that ended me up in freakin psychologist. but damn i was just soo mad. i hate when they complain about things like this, they ruin everything. now im not showing it, and i wont write anything on the matter from now on. cuz it has 2 stay in my head. im acting happy and a perfect lil child. grades suffering a bit, but thats okay. im going to school that my parents want for me. not fair, but they procrastinated and i didnt get into la salle cuz they really didnt care to try very hard. okay... thats enuff. im not guna let them think im crazy. thats not what i need.

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