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Sonya (spatel06) wrote,
@ 2003-05-21 14:05:00
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    Current mood: relieved
    Current music:truly, madly, deeply

    well.. today waz the last day of school.... yayy.... all though it doesn't seem like it waz.... it jus felt different than it usually does... but oh well... we had the senior walk today... it waz so sad... everyone waz crying... seeing everyone crying almost made me cry too.... it made me think about how much im gonna cry when i graduate.... knowing that you might never see your friends again or not being the same anymore.. but i guess we hafta all grow up thats all apart of life..... apart of me wishes i waz a senior bc i wouldnt hafta go back to that schoool again and then the other part is happy knowing that i still have 3 years with all my friends... anywayyzz enuff bout that b4 i start crying lol.... i'm really tired though... i couldn't sleep much last night... i got 6 days until i start drivers ed than i hafta wake up at 7 again!!... uh.. oh well at least ill be able to drive.. hehe.. anyway thats all i gotta say for now..

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