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Maddie (sparksfly215) wrote,
@ 2004-03-21 17:33:00
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    Current mood:giddy
    Current music:Martyrs If We're Lucky ::Wester::

    So long spring break... I spent my last day of freedom doing nothing. Robbie and Mitchell kept begging me to play hide-and-seek with them, so I did. Robbie cheats. You can not stay within 2 feet of the base at all times, that's puppy guarding. Robbie said it wasn't cheating, it was, "how you play the game." Narr.

    I talked to the very sexy A.J. today. Him and Drew (who as A.J. puts it is a sexy beast) are driving back from Wisconsin (?) Drumline was on today. I tried to watch it, but the phone kept ringing and Mitchell kept having issues with his baseball uniform. I know the main point of the movie is about Nick Cannon and how he can't read music, but wants to be in the band anyways. Oh yeah, blockbuster hit...

    15 Years Ago, I:

    1. was not born

    10 Years Ago, I:

    1. was 4 years old.
    2. played soccer
    3. went to preschool at Hyde Park
    4. was best friends with Julia and this asian girl Alex (yes Emily Chan, an Asian!)
    5. Colored on my doll's head

    5 Years Ago, I:

    1. was 9
    2. loved the spice girls
    3. had a huge crush on Ian Beckomme (who didn't?)
    4. was best friends with Stephanie and Corinne
    5. was really weird

    3 Years Ago, I:

    1. was 11
    2. made friends with Liz
    3. started swimming year round
    4. was friends with Mary
    5. made friends with Emily Good (after she was so mean to me in 3rd grade)

    1 Year Ago, I:

    1. was in love and dating Patrick
    2. got grounded
    3. somewhat depressed
    4. had a really bad swim year
    5. my parents were mad at me for not making all A's

    Yesterday, I:

    1. went to the movies with Liz
    2. changed my journal layout
    3. realized that since I haven't been swimming all week I've gained 5 pounds
    4. watched Minority Report
    5. talked to Kasey and Kathleen about their spring breaks

    Today, I:

    1. painted a cabinet/chest thiny
    2. ate a grilled cheese
    3. watched MTV's Spring Break 04
    4. downloaded a bunch of music
    5. annoyed Maxy by getting online and then signing off a lot

    Tomorrow, I:

    1. will wear a skirt for the first time since September
    2. will attempt to talk to HWHTLNAAMC
    3. will be annoyed by Mrs. Garza's lack of English skills
    4. will "try out" for track (everyone makes it)
    5. will be tempted to kill Taylor Smith

    5 Games I Like:

    1. Inklink
    2. Collapse
    3. Hide The Shoe (hehe, Liz knows what I mean)
    4. Scene It
    5. Strip Poker (just kidding)

    5 Things I'd Buy With $1000:

    1. cds
    2. clothes
    3. a plane ticket for Nick Rhode so he could visit me
    4. plane tickets to anywhere but here
    5. you ;-)

    Top 5 Musicians Lately:

    1. Wester
    2. Mest
    3. Brand New
    4. Fire In The Hole
    5. Clarity

    3 Bad Habits I Have

    1. jumping to conclusions
    2. overreacting
    3. biting my lip

    Interests at the moment:

    1. avoding homework
    2. swim (10 days of no practice, alriiiiiight) spring break
    3. getting thinks worked out with Nick
    4. boys

    4 Places I've Lived:

    1. My current room
    2. My brother's room (we swapped rooms a couple years ago)
    3. Both my Grandparents houses for vacation times
    4. Liz's house (I live there)

    My Top 3 Biggest Worries at the Moment:

    1. swim practice tomorrow (it's gonna HURT)
    2. Nick
    3. uh.... the war in Iraq... (i don't know)

    My Top 5 Biggest Joys at the Moment:
    1. the fact that I don't have any BIG issues
    2. Getting to see everybody (I know, it's only been a week, but it feels like a really long time)
    3. We're eating mashed potatos tonight
    4. I got to talk to AJ today
    5. Um, Liz and Ryan (couldn't think of anymore joys for me, so I thought I'd list the fact that Liz has Ryan and vise-versa because, that's cool)

    -first grade teacher's name: Ms. Denaga
    -last word you said: Know (I said I don't know to Robbie)
    -last song you sang: I was singing Be You earlier
    -last thing you laughed at: something AJ said
    -last time you cried: Friday I was kind of upset with Nick

    -what's in your cd player: Mest
    -what color socks are you wearing: no socks (my feet are naked)
    -what's under your bed: a bunch of boxes (empty boxes, because my mom saves the boxes from presents so she can later wrap presents in them)
    -what time did you wake up today: 8

    -what is your career going to be: actress
    -where are you going to live: California (I mean, that is where Hollywood is)
    -how many kids do you want: 1 or 2
    -what kind of car will you drive: a nice one

    -current hair: up in a ponytail
    -current clothes: Lady Matadors Basketball t-shirt and black shorts
    -current jewelry: none
    -current annoyance: my brother
    -current smell: my natural odor? (not that I stink or anything)
    -current longing: you ;-)
    -current desktop picture: Ace Enders
    -current favorite music artist: Don't Be A Hero by Wester
    -current book: Summer of my German Solider (it's for school)
    -current worry: Didn't I just give you a couple of worries earlier?
    -current hate: Jacob (I will always hate him)
    -story behind your username: I was in 4th of July mode, but my current sn is Now Maddie Says (you figure it out)
    -current favorite article of clothing: my comfy jeans
    -favorite physical feature on a boy: oh there are so many. Shaggy hair, eyes, and let's not forget the back muscles
    -one person you wish was here right now: Nick
    -line from the last thing you wrote to someone: I IMed Maxy and said bye
    -i am happiest when: I'm with you, because I can let my hair down, I can say anything, crazy...
    -i feel lonely when: when everybody's out having fun and I'm forced to stay home due to my swimming schedule
    -favorite authors: Don't know her name, I think it's Phyliss Reylonds Naylor, or maybe that's some other author, but I don't know, she writes the Georgia books
    -do you think too much: yes
    -if you could live anywhere in the world, where: Alabama (those boys are hott)
    -famous person you have met: Anthony Anderson
    -do you have any regrets?: too many
    -sex or love: love
    -favorite coffee: any
    -favorite smell: there's this guys cologne that I love, but I don't know the name
    -what makes you mad: when people talk behind your back, but are nice to your face (cough cough KATE HOUSTON cough cough)
    -favorite way to waste time: computer.
    -what is your best quality: Watt said it was my ass, but can you really trust a hick
    -are in currently in love/lust: that's questionable
    -what's the craziest thing you have ever done: Me and Liz ran around outside in our underwear once. I mean, uh, no we didn't...
    -any bad habits: Didn't I list those earlier?
    -do you find it hard to trust people: when their name is Nick Rhode, yes
    -last thing you bought yourself: movie ticket
    -bath or shower: shower
    -favorite season: summer
    -favorite color: red
    -favorite time of day: 9 PM
    -gold or silver: gold
    -any secret crushes: um, it's one that not too many people know about

    -how many coats and jackets do you own: coats/jackets=3 but I have a but load of sweatshirts
    -do you wear a watch: i got these really cute watches for my birthday, but I can't find them
    -favorite pants color: blue (jeans)
    -most expensive item of clothing: I had some $80 Express Jeans, but I outgrew them and donated them to Paralyzed Veterans
    -most treasured: I really like my Pink and Green bras (they're just so pretty...)

    -do your friends know you: i think so
    -what do they tend to be like: silly
    -can you count on them: I guess
    -can they count on you: in some cases

    -last book you read: I just finished Flowers for Algernon and They Wear What Under Their Kilts
    -last movie you saw: Drumline
    -last movie you saw on the big screen: Confessions of a Teenage Dramaqueen
    -last show you watched on tv: Even Stevens
    -last song you heard: "Flatlines and Failsafes" by Wester
    -last thing you had to drink: milk
    -last thing you ate: chocolate chip muffin
    -last time you showered: this morning
    -last time you smiled: earlier today
    -last time you laughed: earlier today
    -last person you hugged: Geez, I haven't hugged someone in a while... Louis, I guess (if you can call that a hug)
    -last person you kissed: Anthony
    -last person you talked to online: Maxy
    -last person you talked to on the phone: AJ

    .DO YOU.
    -smoke: nope
    -do drugs: nope
    -drink: nope
    -sleep with stuffed animals: sometimes
    -have a dream that keeps coming back: I used to have that dream where Kathleen would drive us off a cliff (I had that dream 7 times)
    -play an instrument: I used to play the French Horn
    -believe there is life on other planets: well that Tabloid talked about the strange breed of cats on mars
    -read the newspaper: sometimes the comics
    -have any gay or lesbian friends: MITCH!!! And the guy from build-a-bear (right Jenna and Rebecca?) and I know a few others but I'm not really friends with them
    -believe in miracles: sometimes.
    -consider yourself tolerant: yeah
    -consider police a friend or foe: I have no idea
    -like the taste of alcohol: if there's other stuff mixed in (martinis alone are just nasty)
    -have a favorite stooge: Curly
    -believe in astrology: I want to
    -believe in magic: I want to
    -pray: yeah
    -go to church: nope
    -have any secrets: a few
    -have any pets: a dog
    -go or plan to attened college: plan on it
    -talk to strangers: what happened to "hug a stranger" ?
    -have any piercings: my ears
    -have any tattoos: nope
    -hate yourself: not really
    -wish on stars: yeah but it never works.
    -like your handwriting: no
    -believe in witches: don't think so
    -believe in ghosts: My Aunt and Uncle's house is haunted by a Civil War soldier
    -believe in santa: I like to pretend he's real but *sigh* he's not
    -believe in the easter bunny: well, there was a strange couincidence where I really wanted something that I hadn't asked my parents for, and when I woke up, in the easter basket, there it was
    -believe in the tooth fairy: ever since my mom forgot to take the tooth and replace it with money, i've been kinda down..
    -have a second family: Liz's family
    trust others easily: yeah. didn't I answer that once?

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