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MaNdA MaRiE (sparkles714) wrote,
@ 2004-05-24 23:14:00
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    Current mood: blank
    Current music:BriTney- BraVe NeW GiRl

    )- 11 mOre days -(
    i haven't updated this shit in a while....did i suddenly get a life or sOmething?? lOl nahh..i dOn't have a life sO there's nOthing tO write abOut. this weekend was fun...we had off Friday sOo Thursday me, Cait n Cassy went tO Cory n Jeff's last hOme game...[tear]...n then me n Cait tOok the neOn tO pick up Jenn tO take her tO the hOspital tO see the baby brOther...i gOt tO hOld him :-) he's the cutest thing ever!! he has sOme big feet thO lOl Cait even thO he weighs 4 pOunds. me n Cait did nOthing that nite beCause we're lOsers...just drOve arOund in the neOn fOr a lil. then Friday i slept till 2 because i am a bum n then Marie called me, sO me, her Cait n Cassy went tO the Neshaminy Mall n met Cory n Jeff there...i gOt the cutest dress fOr my graduatiOn party!!! i <3 it!! then me, Cait, Cass n the bOys went back tO Cait's n just hung Out there n then i stayed Over Cait's beCause it was my parents' wedding anniversary...lOl o0o0o0o0o0o....n we had a phOne party with Bri, Drew n Bob until like 5:3o...lOl we almOst saw the sun cOme n Cait were walkin rOund her blOck like was fun Saturday i came hOme n slept till like 5 n then went with my parents tO Bridget Maenner's graduatiOn was sOo much fun i definitely gOt drunk with my parents...well my dad...we played beer pOng vs Bridget n her dad...lOl we was pretty crazy...playin flip the cup with mOm n dad mOm's lile 'dOn't drink it sO fast' n i was like 'mOm that's hOw yOu win'....lOl there were alOtta girls frOm schOol there...we were swimmin lOl whirlpOol it was sO much fun i was glad i went...n Sunday sucked as usual...went Out with my mOmma tO get a graduatiOn dress n stuff...n then did a stupid bOok review on The Joy Luck Club which i didn't read...sOo much fun!!!

    sOo let's see....11 mOre days till i graduate!! that is the absOlute craziest thing i ever 11 days i'll be outta Little FlOwer...i'm gOnna die lOl that schOol has been my life fOr 4 years n nOw i'm leavin...[tEar]...but at least i have the summer tO lOok fOrward tO...i can't wait tO get dOwn the's just a whOle different wOrld dOwn there n i miss it...i dOn't wanna be leavin yOu thO...

    this shOuld be a fast week!! i am brOke as a jOke n abOut tO becOme a stripper tO get sOme mOney...gOnna be wOrkin this weekend dOwn the shOre!!! make sure yaz cOme visit me n Cait on the bOardwalk lOl

    _*DaYs n WeEks n mOnthS cOuld gO by...n yOu'd still be on my miNd* don't worry lOl

    *GoOd NiTe*
    xOxO amaNda

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