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Stephen (spanky_the_monk) wrote,
@ 2005-03-12 18:01:00
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    god i'm soo tired

    i've spent the whole day spending my money and somehow managed to not waste it on a bunch of crap. i don't really want to say what i've spent my money on yet cuz i haven't finished setting it up yet. Well, i kinda have but i haven't cleaned my room yet, there's boxes everywhere and Ryan is napping on my bed so there doesn't seem to be much that i can do right now for the moment.

    I finally bought a DVD burner today. They had them on sale @ Future Shop for $120 so i HAD to get one. I've wanted one for a while anyway so i decided why not?

    Just freaked the hell out of Christina. I burnt some waffles like 30 mins ago and she just walked in and thought there was something burning, going all crazy and stuff, she got Phil to go look around and see if there was a fire, they didn't realize that maybe they should see if i was home and if i knew anything, so i just sat here laughing to myself till Phil got the sense to come see me. Then he called me an asshole when i told hime that it was just me and my great cooking skills. i'm not a bad cook, i just forget i have food cooking sometimes, thats all

    Bought a couple of new cds today too. The new Kings of Leon and an old Hot Hot Heat, Make up the Breakdown.


    Going to see Blue Rodeo in SJ, i don't know when the date is so i have to check the email that Heather sent me......ok, it's May 7th. Tickets just went on sale today and Phil Ryan and I were downtown so we stopped at Mazucca's and grabbed some. It's a saturday night, so if anyone else wants to come along..... i think Ryan may have a spare ticket . Matt Mays is opening for them, it'll be the second time i've seen both play.

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