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Ben (sp1tf1re_sk8er) wrote,
@ 2003-02-01 16:21:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:Tool - Schism

    haha well, today i went into town to "bands in the square" lots of hot chix around and all, i was lookin like as classy as i could possibly look...and 1 of my friends made a bet with me that i couldnt hook up with this chick, so i walked up and started talkin to her, pritty soon after, we left alone togeather, she had quite a mint ass i have to say as well...we were just like sittin on the hill talkin, we hooked up and all and i meet up with my friends and all later, haha i got $20 for free so im happy, but i dnt think im gnna go out with that chic, she was only 14 and im 15 but thats not liek a big difference, i just wanna go out with sum1 my age or a year older at the momment...hmmm, also shammed out my friends in the train station, they liked this chick sittin there and i was the only 1 who had the balls to say anything to her, and she respondly nicely to me as well, but i didnt say much, and she was leaving and we were gettin on the train so yea...hmmm haha, im in chat and its this rate my pix room, im on an average of 7.5 hahahah, i dnt think on hot.

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