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bubble dweller (soupot) wrote,
@ 2003-09-30 23:54:00
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    Current mood:artistic
    Current music:phantom planet ~ anthem

    i just feel so happy with you on my mind
    i love the feeling of having ideas that i just cant get out of my head and letting them flow onto the paper and out of my fingers to the world. i hope that this well of feelings will never one day run dry. the world thrives, lives, dwells, on the feelings and ideas of others and it will always be that way. for we all need each other just as much as the next person and the cruelty and pain that goes on in the world only brings us closer together if we look at it the right way. we need each other to be strong so we, as well, can be strong in return.

    my emotions are on the fritz, please excuse my rude behavior.
    the look on your face was just the fuel to the fire
    the things i said were not meant to hurt you just the person on the inside who was the cause of the things you said to me

    viewing you from such a close distance, i cant understand the things that your eyes say to me, when your words are blashpheming agianst them.

    The rubber DUCK of life just happens to masquerade as the anvil.

    ~ confusion is my friend and foe.

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