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From the Sounds Inside (soundsinside) wrote,
@ 2003-04-28 08:23:00
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    Serious Fucking Update.
    No, not that serious.

    It's 8:30 AM here, and it's already almost 60, going to be a gorgeous day outside. I think I'll take advantage of that somehow. I'm going to go look for a light weight jacket at the trendy used thrift store, as much as I think they're a little lame because they charge way too much for used clothes. I've been to "real" thrift stores, t-shirts there are usually between 1 and 3 dollars. T-shirts at this place are between 6 and 10, so I guess there's more of a charge for handpicking special and "cool" retro t-shirts.

    Whatever, it's all good. I'm starting to wind up school, which is exciting, 100%. I can't wait to be done. My only regret is not starting a band earlier, I'm only 22, but still, I'd like to have gotten my roots going a little earlier, so I knew more people or bands or whatever. Nowhere near a big deal.

    I'm listening to Cave In's "Antenna" right now, it's one of the greatest records ever. Their record "Jupiter" would probably be my most influential and favorite record. Just an amazing, amazing rock band from Boston. I always highly recommend them to everyone, especially if you're a little tired of all the rock that's out there today.

    I've been trying to write some of my own material lately, and actually come to think of it, I spent a few hours listening to old tapes of things I'd recorded. This is stuff from like 6-8 years ago! It can blow your mind, because you know it's your playing, but you don't remember it at all. I've really just got to record some stuff here, just to have something.

    I saw "Identity" Friday night, I liked it. Total twist ending I didn't see coming, but I tend to just let the movie go, I don't try to figure things out. Why ruin the movie that way? Then you're expecting something and it either meets it or it doesn't, and some people who think they're super smart usually get let down. Anyways, I loved it. Cusak is great, saw a trailer for "Pirates of the Carribbean" which looks pretty cool.

    Alright, breakfast, more later.

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