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From the Sounds Inside (soundsinside) wrote,
@ 2003-04-04 22:25:00
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    So today, at 3 PM my friends and I usually meet up for some tea, just have fun because we don't get to see each other as much as when we lived in the dorms.

    No one showed up last week, okay, I kind of figured it wasn't planned (just got back from break). Again this week, no one shows up. I waited 25 minutes. I knew it was on this week. They're big fucking "rock stars" (in their eyes), so I guess there's not a whole lot of time for me between the messuse and dinner at Boston's fancy restaurants. Whatever.

    It hurt. This week has pretty much been building into one shitty mood. I swear, usually I'm pretty upbeat, full of witty sarcasm. It's the damn rain. My hamster died today. I know that's not really significant, and it doesn't tear me up, but it just adds to everything. He was pretty cool, and only recently started to get friendly and come out, climb in your hand, climb in his little ball and run around.

    After no one showed up, I came home and watched my favorite movies, and now I feel a whole lot better. My roommate and I went down to the mall, just browsed, it was nice to get out. I need that.

    I haven't dated anyone in a year and a half or so. I got fucked over big time (it's a long story I'll likely share one day, in a nutshell, the first [and only] time I got cheated on). I'm not entirely experienced in relationships, I've only had a few. Partly because it's very hard for me to trust people. Well not partly, mostly.

    I think at this point I'm looking for a specific type of girl. Definitely intelligent, with a good sense of humor who can take most of my sarcasm and bitter remarks (it's all in fun, I'm not seriously bitter). And I'm not high brow humor all the time. A good toilet joke is a good toilet joke! I like shy girls. Someone who doesn't have to be the center of attention. A sense of originality, following your own ideas and ambitions. I really like girls who have goals and are working for them. Positive outlooks on life a must. I know it's hard to be 100% comfortable with your looks, but if you're in the ballpark that's great. We should all just be proud of who we are. Just someone who can be a friend to a day dreamer.

    Well, I'm feeling better. If you read this, don't hesitate to answer my "personal ad" I just dragged on about. Sorry you had to read that. I guess that's it for now. Time for Seinfeld. Peace.

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