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Brosef (soulpatchluvr) wrote,
@ 2004-09-17 16:34:00
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    Current mood: melancholy
    Current music:Toxic

    So we had our marriage party with Delta Tau Delta and Delta Chi last night. I was really excited about it because it was (A) a party on a Thursday night (B) at a dance club (C) army theme and (D) an opportunity to meet some hot guys in the frats I'll be paired with for like the next month.

    So, I got all cute in some camo capris I borrowed from Ashley and a olive green cami with my hair up all crazy with a headband. Then, right in the middle of Joey, Ashley got a call from her Lion Pal at Phi Mu (older girls who do cool things with you every week). This girl, Stephanie, said that we could come to her room before the party to drink because underage drinking is not allowed at the club (or anywhere else in Missouri). So we went over and gave her money for some Rasperry Twist Smirnoff. Then we went over to Pike, a (shady) frat house to drink. I was kind of freaked out about taking a shot, so I had some sprite mixed with the vodka. It was yummy. Then Emily convinced me to do a shot with her, so I did. It was good, but then I proceeded to be completely hammered.

    We got on a bus and went over to the club and danced the night away. Most of the guys were pretty skeezy, which was disappointing, but there was one cute guy from Delta Chi who I danced with for a while. (45 minutes according to Ashley, but she was drunk too.) Then I got really thristy all of a sudden, so Rosa and I decided to get some water. After drinking the water, I got really nauseous all of a sudden, so I decided to go to the bathroom. I ended up sliding down the wall and sitting on the floor mumbling "I don't feel good," over and over. Various girls kept bending over me and asking if I was okay, and Rosa kept telling me to get up because the floor was dirty. Then Leslie, the presdient of Phi Mu, came in and said she was going to take me home. While we were waiting for our ride, I puked my guts out in a garbage can outside of the club while some frat guys watched and laughed and some Phi Mus tried to comfort me. Leslie brought me back to the house and made me eat Frosted Flakes and drink some water while we watched Trading Spaces on DVD. Finally, another DD named Julie drove me home.

    Sarah's little sister was staying with us last night. Now her whole family probably thinks I'm a massive tool.

    To top it off, I felt like I was going to hurl all morning AND I found out that I lost my damn key and I have to pay $50 to replace it.

    AND my article got cut from the paper...but that's unrelated I guess.

    Anyway, be careful when if and when you drink guys. I ruined my night, and I'm really lucky that nothing else bad happened. Getting sick in your friend's basement is okay, but getting sick in a dark scary club is not.

    If I drink again, I'm sticking to beer.

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