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Jesyka (sosexualjesyka) wrote,
@ 2003-07-07 19:53:00
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    Current mood: blah
    Current music:snoop- i forget but its dope,containing suga free

    We Came Here to Have A Good Time~Snoop
    Hey , I've been discontent these few days. I dunno if it's me or what but i feel neglected. Major Neglect. I intend on callin weener, but then sumone jus comes in and fuccs up the whole convo, pisses me off, and then it rubs off on to weener. And plus i don't even know where the fucc she is and if shes busy or what the fuccs goin on. I hate being here all the fuccin time. I hate it. Im tired of being lazy. I wanna go ooooout! But leslie has summer school, and i dont wanna bug the fucc outta jeannie. those are the two people i can actually be myself around. so i say fucc everyone else. and i need to stop oing that shit cause it gets me no where.

    i dunno, i need sumpthin to cheer me up. i dont even care if its a simple fone call saying hey whats up, i need something cause im going to blow. and im getting sick of soccer already. its just i dunno, i think im jus sayin shit so it can just be said. kj'lDK IO'FU ;KLAjf'dpFIOQ489 RJKLN <~~~ thats how i feel right about now. time changes but nothing else is........what now... nothing!

    but in good news me and my sister are gunna go to the water park on friday, no matter what, this is her saying it, we are going. so kool with me.

    so lets get a run down of what has happend tha i need to fill u in with.....

    Fourth of july: went shoppin with my mom. got a few shirts and these dickie shorts, although i dont know ifi like them ne more. Then after that i went to leslies house. We chilled, nicola was there along with leslies boyfriend and his brother. got to know nicola, very kool person. we watched jay and silent bob, my new favorite movie. then we went to her boyfriends house to just chill in the front for a while. damn how i miss that place. its all quiet there. horrible. then we went to the pool, stayed there for a couple. then went back to the house to get ready for fireworks. we looked fucicn gangster, well me and leslie did. drank a few coolers, so we were chill. then got in the back of her jeep, took off to the top of DICKtionary hill chilled there for a couple till fireworks were over. drama went down then got over it, then took edmars bro to sumones house, then cruised to starbucks, then went back to the casa where we just chilled and watch run tell dat and then south park movie . i paassed out on the couch, i was very sleepy.

    Saturday: got up went to the beach (imperial beach!) new favorite place. abuncha fine people there. mmm mmm mmm! i was jockin in the water heheheh! he aproached me ended up being 19 turning 20 that day. wanted to know if we go there often (bah!). he was a concieted bastard but its ok it was funny made me giggle. met sum people from sv and accidently gave them niclas cell number because we thought it was the reject hotline. oopsy! but it was funny cause we realized it after we called it cause i hadnt heard it before and i was like y nicola this is ur cell number. they ended up calling her and they told him that it was her number and gave them the reject line. but ne way yea after that came home and now chillen ever since, bored as fucc.

    but reminising about those days made me feel alil better. but ya im out. fucc me i have practice marrow :(! shit me in a hole! oh well gotta suck it up! adios and ttyl!


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