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Jesyka (sosexualjesyka) wrote,
@ 2003-06-25 09:58:00
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    Current mood: sympathetic
    Current music:lil juan y the eastisde boyz- i like dem hoez

    funny funny funny
    i love it when bitches talk their shit! especually when they dont know shit about u! i love it. bring me some more. please please please, im waiting. serisouly, shit. back the fucc up. i sersiouly feel sorry for all those girls out there who like to start shit with me. only because they dont really like to get to know me first. haha dont let the name fool u(sosexualjesyka). its jus me. im not out havin an orgy every fuccin weekend. im not out lookin for sex. thas lame and slutty.please if i wanted to i could probley have sex everynight and weeekend. ive got waaaay more important things to do then that. and plus, ive learned from my cuz to NOT have unprotected sex. trust me i know these things. im not dumb, ignorant, nor stupid. thing else u wanna know? ask me and i might tell.

    oh yes, and this whole poser shit? not poser shake nigga or head whatever. no thats not me. im notta fuccin groupie. thats the last thing i am. and no im not tryin to be black. yea i can talk hella ghetto if u want me to. but thats being a sharkhead. and i dont do it often. only when i dont feel like being proper. duuuh!

    ne ways... im outta here. im glad to see sumone loves me and likes to look out for me makin sure i dont get pregnant or an std. hahaha muther fuccer, eat a dick bitch. thanx.

    if u dont know what im reffering to, check out the comment from that last friday i think.

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