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Sophie (sophie_chick) wrote,
@ 2003-12-09 00:52:00
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    Current mood:sick
    Current music:"Numb" Linkin Park

    Yes... it has happened.
    Well, as expected, I'm sick. It's the first time this year, that has to be a record. *shakes head* I feel like crap! I'm going to the doctor tomorrow. I hate going to the doctor.

    Anyway! My main purpose of writing tonight is to complain, lol. So... wow, it's been almost a year now, but last January/February I got my first "online boyfriend." I always hated the thought of that... like, seriously. You have a bf or gf, but online?! Psht. But, this one guy really did something to me, man. So, he kept asking, and eventually I said yes to being his gf. What an idiot I was!

    He was all the time telling me that I was like the perfect chick... the only thing wrong was that I lived like 100 miles away or something. Well... apparently he was also telling that to like 7,000 other girls. Not really 7,000, but like 4. And, one of the girls was a girl from the room where I met him. There was a group of us that would meet in that one yahoo chat room a lot and whatnot. Well, there were a few couples in the bunch, but more often than not, they would end after a week or two. Cause once everyone knew that said couple was a couple... the single people would go after one of the members in the couple with a vengence.

    That happened all the time. So, my online bf, Mitch... he throws out the idea that we keep our relationship to ourselves for a while... let us settle into it before telling all of our mutal friends. You know, so that the single guys and gals don't come after us. Well, he told that to the other girls too. He's such an ass! He never knew that I found out about the others. And, I didn't find out until after I broke up with him.

    I don't even remember why I broke up with him. I think it was just because of the whole online relationship... I just couldn't get behind that. But, he made me feel like shit when I did it. Ugh, I felt so bad. I thought I hurt him so badly.

    But, a few months later I'm talking to this girl, Emily. She and I are flirting a little bit... whatever. And she gets to talking about how she's never going to have another online relationship again. I ask about it, and she tells me that everyone she has had ended terribly. I asked if she ever hooked up with anyone from our group. She then tells me that she and Mitch were "together" for about two months. I ask when... she says it started the first part of February. ....ummm??? I was with him from like the middle of January until the middle of February, not quite a month. But, he got together with her WHILE he was with me! She said that they broke up when she found out that he had been dating this other girl while they were together. So, from this I knew at one point in time, he had three of us going. I later found out about the fourth. But, I didn't tell Emily that I had been with him.

    I only told Tiff. So, Tiff and I are the only ones, besides Mitch, of course, that know he had four of us going at one time. But, anyway! He had approached me shortly before my revealing convo with Emily about wanting to be friends with me. He missed talking to me. Whatever, I say okay, I didn't know at the time he was a skank. So, we start emailing each other occasionally. After I found out about Emily and them, I still emailed him, with little questions, trying to get him to tell me the truth... he never bit. So, he still doesn't know that I know.

    My point. I've just started coming back online at night now that I got my new computer. And I sign onto yahoo messenger, and he has been online quite a bit when I get on. He has yet to say anything to me! I'm so not going to say anything to him first. Oh! Also what really pisses me off is that about a month or two ago, he started emailing me more than he had in the past. In the past it was about once every week or two... but then it started at least twice a week I'd get an email from him. Turns out during that time, he was "cyber-married" to another girl. Just, ugh! He's such a whore! (And seriously? Cyber-married?! What the hell!)

    How complex does it make me that I HATE the guy, but yet, I'm still mad that he hasn't so much as said hi since I've been back from the land of no computer. Ugh! I'm the one that's suppose to be blowing him off... not him doing that to me. Shit! He's such a punk ass bitch!

    Okay, now that I've gotten my rant on, lol. I guess I should go try to get some sleep. I'm about dead. :( And, I'm hungry. *shakes head* Peace out y'all. Heheheeee.....

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