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Lilith, Goddess of Death (somethingwrong) wrote,
@ 2004-07-12 08:48:00
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    Current mood: awake
    Current music:Through this Nightmare~Gaiah

    3 DAYS!!!! omg omg so excited!! i hope lukie comes online tonight cuz it be good fun! i'll talk to him n shit....he seems shy...but i think i can get the best out of him (if yah know what i meen *wink*) so i pulled another allnighter like last summer thats all i ever did eat,sleep, and drink...not how is everyone ( im testing you guys to see if you are really reading my blurty...) its allways good to let yourself out once in a while you know? (woah i just got wicked tired) oh and my new words that i have been saying non stop are ( Snap!, Woah, Wicked,Mad, and Hott!) lol i think that i have said snap about over 100 times in the past week (hehe) its a fun word to say....i meen (example) there were these bikers (cuz there was a bike-a-thon) and one of em came like a foot away from me cuz i got to close to the edge and it was Mad skary and i cried out "oh snap!!!!!" instead of saying oh shit! it just comes natural to me now! i dont know why...i must have watched freaky friday too many times..
    on another note I LOVE MY HAIR! its pink-ish-purple its so Hott!!! (note i am not useing the words perposly it just comes natural as i said lol!!) GOD i feel all itchy like somethings crawling on me all over it started out when i found out we have an Ant invasion....they are trying to take over the world like in that crappy 60's movie where the Ant is like 80 ft tall and eats cars and buildings and people you should know that (unless u live under a rock! a moldy one at that!) u G h i have to goto tharapy on wednesday and i have no one to take me cuz my Grandma JUST left to go to Florida AGAIN to help my Mime' cuz she had a stroke like 2 months ago and now she has to goto a old folks home 24 hour care service thing....i know shes going to hate it but its for the best of her health shes 85 years old that does a lot to someone of her age....(also meens im not getting a nice big fat birthday check from her :-( ) oh well
    LUUUUUUKE!!! i finally get to meet luke im so happy!!! yayayayayayayayayaya well n e way if lukes reading this ( DOUBLE HUGS!!!)

    heidi i want to rape you and y party is the 24th remember GET OUT OF WORK!!!!!!! GRRRRRR

    -from you talented sexxy love puppet-


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