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Mike 07 (somedaycomes) wrote,
@ 2007-01-24 14:24:00
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    Lost and Found
    BYU has an amazing Lost and Found...Sorry I had to just say that because I lost my key yesterday and this is a dang small key and they had it at the lost and found among many other things. That also means I don't have to pay 50$ just to replace that key. OMG, seriously I almost paid for it yesterday and good thing I didn't, THANK YOU GOD!! seriously! I kept wanting to pay the amount but, something kept holding me back from doing it, so I definitely know there was divine intervention there.
    Nothing has changed, me and Beth are going out this weekend. yay! Got a C on my math test, suck! It was a mixture of over confidence and dumbness on my part. I can't behind the excuse that i'm an RM, so yeah, i'll just pay more attention to my Chinese speaking math teacher, yes that implies he can't speak English. Pretty much all I do is talk to Kyle and Ted the whole time. Kyle lived in La Crescenta and so his school apparently went against Hoover a lot....SO we make fun of Armos still....
    Um....i'm re-doing my OE article and doing it on the inconvenience of labeling products with complicated terms. "Large vs. Venti" yeah, fun times...
    My social life is seriously so packed with activities of which i HAVE to eliminate. Tori said hi point black today and I didn't see her, I'll have to go apologize later. 368 Red Brick YEEEAAHH!!!! Oh and Katie at Granary she's my dance partner...
    N e wayz....I wonder if Eric is home, he owes me those CD's.....bah...i'll nap i Have a chem test to freak out about....

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