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Mike 07 (somedaycomes) wrote,
@ 2007-02-02 08:16:00
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    Flying by
    I can't believe how fast time has flown by it just seems like it was yesterday when i stepped onto campus and thought to myself what the heck is going to happen to me, i don't know anybody here and all i have is michelle, which is good because all we have is each other. Several weeks have gone by and it seems like i've been here for ages, enough drama has happened to fill the lives of any normal human being. Just to recap a few.
    I've been on 7 dates, 3 girls, a break up of which was mutual. but somehow this was different and i feel like a total jerk for doing what i did. Beth called me first and i understood that, she was trying to protect herself formt he hurt that she might have felt had i initiated the break up. Here was the convo verbatim
    Me:"Hey Beth, you said you wanted to talk to me?"
    Beth:" Yeah, I had a crisis this weekend, so that's why i haven't been answering my phone."
    Me: "I'm sorry, are you okay?"
    Beth:"Yeah I'm fine, but I don't think that we should doing what we're doing, we shouldn't see each other anymore, i don't know what WE are...."
    Me:" Oh....Well thats GREAT!...Yeah thats fine, its not like there was commitment anyway."
    Beth: "Oh that's how you saw it..............."
    Me:" Well no hurt feelings here...see ya Beth."...*click*
    WHAT AN IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She was totally testing me, but I don't have time for games, i don't even have time for myself. I have two tests coming up this weekend so so much for trying to ask Debi out. Whatever, I'm so done with dating for a little bit. I know I know, its only been one kinda serious girlfriend. The pursuit to find a wife and make little Mikey's wll continue. There's just so many damn distractions, and I can't keep interest on a girl for more than five seconds...
    Anyway, it gets better, i dont know if its me or if its my roomate but i can't stand him anymore. Like last night, i don't know why he did what he did and he knew it bugged me too. Well i had to finish writing this editorial for english and while i was trying to focus he goes ahead and pumps his crap out from his guitar...annoying...well i have to go print my paper...more drama later....

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