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Margaret (softballbaby) wrote,
@ 2003-07-05 15:37:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:Ginuwine - Pony

    softball is soooo tiring. i've had practice everyday for the last 2 weeks (including july 4th!) the 2 party's i had were so fun! its so cute!!! (J+C) i'm so excited about school at IHS! go saints! I only have 1 semester with kali and i'm seriusly going to FREAK OUT! ugh i'm sad. if i don't have any calsses with joane i'm gonna super freak out! i hope there are lots of new cool people next year!!! that'oll be so fun! my cousin margo came, shes really cool. my cousin sarah is staying here for a couple days and shes like so friggen annoying and my parents seem to think that i have to entertain my cousins becuase thy're girls and i'm the only girl ALL THE TIME. and you know what. first of all. thats not possible (becuase i get bored sometimes too and also i have softball like 24/7) and i don't have that much time and i don't even LIKE sarah! shes so werid and annoying but all shes doing while shes here is sitting on my floor reading my magazines and all i want to do is take a friggen nap cuz i'm so tired from no sleep last night and catching the whole game in softball! but whatever. she'll leave soon. my dads all pissy this week becase of moving and its getting really crazy. atleast i'm goig to my moms tomarrow. i'm staying there for 2 weeks though! we're gona go to ocean shores (me and my mom) and its gonna be so fun! i'm excited. but anyways speaking of the YEAH! thing as the subject. in our game today we beat KALL 8-2 and i played great at catcher and i blocked every pitch!!! i'm really proud :-D i saw a lot of old xtreme buddies. it was fun even though a couple of them i didn't like...well actually only 1 lol. it was good to see Serena and vanessa and brittany and Katie P and i'll see annie on tuesday! i really hope we win against KNLL becuase if we do then that shows pretty much that we can win district 9 which means we go to the world series! yay! ok we'll i'm off to try and get sarah out of my room! lol.

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