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Amber (socratic_enigma) wrote,
@ 2003-12-08 06:36:00
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    Current mood:pleased
    Current music:humming sounds coming from me

    yayyy my dream has come true
    yes i have a journal ive tried the normal papre methods but they just dont seem to work for me and as is now charging to use its site i discovered blurty, which makes me increasingly happy. and now ive sat here for a couple of minutes thinking of what to write about, this always happens to meso i think ill do what i love and that is put on some doors and maybe (hopefully) write some decent poetry. while i have high hopes on this matter i odnt think it will happen because i dislike most all of my poetry. tell me what you think and be harsh no politeness allowed this is after all the web we are allowed to speak our minds because we are faceless. (unless one has a pic that is)

    there are so many ways i can go sane
    so many places i become
    can you drift along the stream of my words
    or will you swallow the sense this world gives you
    i chose not to and in so doing became a page of medicore words that can only somewhat express the flying sensation i get when i leave the worlds mind behind and enter my own
    follow the path that you fear and it might just make you into something more than most will be


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