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Kim (sockmonkee) wrote,
@ 2005-05-31 17:55:00
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    Current mood: pissed off
    Current music:nothing

    bad day...
    Don't read this if u don't wanna hear complaining, but I like getting thoughts out on this because i don't think ny1 really reads it so it doesn't matter what i write...but ughhhhhh omfg I am SOOOOOOOO tired of my fucking skrewed up elbo. It is not getting ANY better at ALL, and it still hurts JUST ENOUGH to freaking keep me from doing bars at gymn- the ONE freaking thing that i was actually good at for a short while, but OH NO not anymore-why should I be able to have ONE freaking event that I can actually be the good one at- that I can be proud of? Obviously I can't, and I am so freaking tired of working my ass off every practice to get every damn trick back that I've lost while being injured, while every other perfect little bitch on the team gets a new trick every day without having to try at all....UGHHHHHHHHHH I am SOOO SOOO close to just quitting, I am so pissed right now. But of course if i do that I will be sad the next day and wanna go back- just so that when i do go to the next practice, it turns out just the same as all the others and I'm back where i was b4....UGHHHHHHHHH

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