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~*WhoRe De AmOr~* (societysreject6) wrote,
@ 2006-01-15 22:24:00
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    Current mood: dorky
    Current music:trust company - down fall

    oh oh its magic..yoouu nooooo
    ive been busy these past few months. skool work. you no the fun stuff in i finsihed my thirds semsster at moraine. and i think thats gonan be i for a while. im goan start takin a cna class over on western. its only gonna be 6 weeks as opposed to 4 months at moraine..and its like 100$ cheaper. soo well see. i honestly have no effin clue what i wanan do with my liiiifeeee. its so hard to know cuz whatever u choose your pretty much stuck with. ill figure it out...sumhow..cuz im just awesome that way.

    enough about that..unto the preseeennnt day..haha

    so yesterday i checked my caller id and this weird number had called like 5 times. i figured it was one of my brothers drug dealin frends and left it alone. so about an hour passes and the number calls again so i ACTUALLY answer it. it was my bryan. so let me give u a brief description on him and our history..haha i sound like im actually smart of sumthing. trynna be all proper bout anyways. so bryan went to richards with me. he looked like munky from korn and had head braids. he lived with his grandma in good ol oak lawn. he had the same bday as mine. we became like best frends. he hated my boyfrend, who was steve at the time. mostly because bryan liked me. not trynna sound conceited or anything..but lets face it he couldnt resist my charm..lmao. oh god. so anyways his grandma was awesome and me and bry woukd have a blast together. seriously he was awesome. we went thru alot of crap the year he lived here. than his grandmother died, who by the way loved korn and was a total metalhead. he moved to australia where his parents had relocated for there job. and we talked when we could but come on its australia and illinois. completely opposites. we manaaged. last time he was in town he was at the hilton and i spent the night ovet there with him. than he left and we didnt talk for seriously like a year. 1 yr went by and when he did call it was to inform me that he had drunken sex with a girl and she could be pregnant. i always had a thing for boys with super so that takes us back to yesterday. he called. we hung out. it was soo good to see him. he asked me if i was still with steve and i told him no i was with ricky who is great and weve been together for over 18 months now. bryan told me that his ex gf had the baby. a boy. named it sebastian ryan walsh. hes 9 months now. bryan was the exactly the same. except he had massive facial hair and was suppppppeer tan. we had fun. he told me i still acted ther same. we did everythin we use to back in the day. i missed him so much. its weird how much u realize when u hang out with people from your past. we talked about everything and i do mean everything. we talked bout our adventures at the hilton and how we made perverted snowman by the hotel. it was seriously awesome. than he hadda leave cuz he was stayin at his cuzns and it was alreayd late. he left back for australia today and we promised wed talk more. seein as both are cell phones have free 'call anywhere in the world after 7pm' altho the time difference will probly be a problem who cares.

    talked to my ricky today for an hour and a half. he is amazing. he makes me soo happy. but than he got on his computer to play his game and i lost he went into im on the computer mode which is pretty bad. he has a one track mind when it comes to that.

    well thats about it.

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