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~*WhoRe De AmOr~* (societysreject6) wrote,
@ 2005-08-17 04:49:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music:sugar were goin down - fob

    wow. i havent updated this thing in a long ass time. prolly cuz im always on my livejournal but ohhh well. i miss my blurty..not many ppl read this blurty so thats a goood thing. i hate ppl noin my business..ironic isnt it cuz i have online journal where the sole purpose is so other ppl can read i guess i hate ppl i know knowin my business..lmao.

    so things with me have been greeat. im still with ricky. hes amazin in and out of bed..hahah j/p. altho he is pretty damn good..lmao. weve been together a lil over a year now. my job at sears is goin good. i started my emt/paramedic program at christ last week and so far its goin ok. i love the teacher..hes awesome and hysterical but i dont really like the class. the more im in the class the more i realize i wanan do sumthin in criminolgy or ciminal justice. either way i guess im covered. i still debatin whether or not i should dropm the class. cuz with 3 other moraine classesd plus this one plus my job and all the clinicals im gonna have to do with this emt class i dont no if im gonna be able to handle it. but well see.

    my best friends brother is gettin marrrriiiiedd next week. me and my big boy get to go. im excited. ive never seen him all dressed up. i just hope when i see him all dressed up we actually make it to the wedding and reception..haha j/p.

    my steve is gettin marrried in march. he wants me to fly out and come to the wedding. he even offered to pay for my ticket and rickys ticket if i wanted to go. im actually thinkin bout it well flyin out there not him me and steve have remained really close since our break up and plus im super curious to see thhis gurl cuz steves reall picky bout gurls. and plus, he says she acts like me so ya no shes gotta be awesome..lmao.

    i died my hair brown. i realllly like it but its fading already.damn cheap ass dye..haha. speakin of cheap asses..gas prices aree like 3 dollars a gallon and my cheap ass hasnt had my gas tank pass the E mark in like 3 weeks. cuz im a broke ass college student.

    speakin of bein broke my mommma said that i didnt have to work if i wanted to just focus on skool. and she said shed pay for the thigns i needed and my gas to see ricky as long as my grades were good. awesome right? but i love makes me feel complete and more adult-like.

    ok im just gonna end this with...

    im really dislikin bein the designated driver. i wouldnt mind every once in a while but when it comes in the way of u enjoyin urself theres a then again i guess its better than the alternative of them drivin themselves and killin sumone or themselves..yeah not so good.

    wow this entry has been pretty negative..soo not me. but oohh

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