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Láûr (soccerstarbabe9) wrote,
@ 2003-08-03 03:51:00
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    Current mood: grateful
    Current music:So Yesterday by Hillary Duff

    Sooooo Much Fun!!:)
    OMG...ok today is really the 3rd but i'm wrtin about yesterday and 2day.Well yesterday....Yesterday i had mt soccer team pool party..It was soooo much fun.First i played kickball w/ my friends.Then i went in the pool.Then i ate.Then i went back in the pool.When i was in the pool it was Me and jess vs. danille,shannon,nichole.Un fair but o this is what happened.Ok so me and jess were just sittin in this chair thing in the pool talkin.Then shannon,danille and nichole like want to sit in it meanwhile we've only been in the chair for about 5 min.So like then they try to push us off but they didn't.Then they tryed again and they only pused jess off so i saved her then they pushed again and i only fell off so jess saved me.Then we both fell off and the chair came on top of us so we were like that me and jess needed energy so we ate food and the it was their turn(shannon,nichole and danille) so we tryed to push 'em off for the 1st time and ofcourse we pushed 'em of so we got back on and they tyed and tryed and tryed to push me and jess off but they never did so they finally gave up and me and jess relaxed a lil on the chair yeah that was a BLASTTT.Then that nite and around 7:30 i went to the cohns house to sleepova!We had so much fun..we played woffle ball me and jamie vs bridget and bridget won 15-2!!!We were so hot that we took buckets and pored them on each other!!Then we were so cold we pored nice and warm water on us..OMG it felt soooo good if u eva get hot poor cold water on u if u eva get cold more warm water on feels soooo good.After that we played nickolodian trivia..i won 1 game jamie won 2 games and bridget won 8!!lol.Then we went to bed.When we woke up in the mornin we watched t.v.Then bridget left to go to her softball game so me and jamie practiced our dance to where is the love ..Its sooo cool.If u wanna see just ask and i'll sow it 2 ya!Then i lft and i went on the computer typin this rite now.!And i'm sooooo tired and i am gonna end this thing to take a lil nap.Ttyl.Bye

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