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Shh! (sobrightlyfalse) wrote,
@ 2007-11-24 17:38:00
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    We aren't revolutionaries, but we are the revolution. And sometimes I think that the whole movement is just me and you and that maybe we'd all be better off if that were true. 'Cause then at least we'd know where we stand and we can tell our comrade apart from the man.
    'Cause if the world isn't that simple, maybe this town is at least. And if I'm not marching with them for war I'm sure not marching with you for peace. Class traitor? What fucking ever! I'm just another middle class kid, too. But if I'm not good at changing, I'm good at self loathing, so I'll class hate myself with you.

    May our only occupation be not having a job!
    And may the only cocktails we make be Molotov!

    May that day be now, and for as many days after that as we know how. It starts in this parking lot. And in my dreams, I am dirty broke beautiful & free.

    Let's stop this talk of "privilege" b/c the songs that we sing are as much a product of our privilege as the clothes on my back or the phone call I made to my mom last night. Let's stop this talk of "action" b/c action comes easy, it's the moments just before that are hard, when I've got to get my voice & my fist on the same page as my heart. Let's stop this talk of "them" b/c the things we find deplorable in politicians, CEO's & cops are the same things that will tear ourselves apart. And let's stop this talk of "words" b/c words like dishonesty, selfishness, and greed aren't as distance to us as we'd like to believe. I know that we can pick up the pieces & build something new, something different that's not like every revolution that I've ever known. That can make me believe & have faith in humanity & we'll all breath a breath of fresh air.

    Well if I found God anywhere, it would be by the tracks.
    Face down in a box car, forty in both hands.
    And when I find God there, we'll just sit and roll some top,
    'Cause helll be just as confused as anyone else on this rock.

    I took two tabs of acid yesterday afternoon,
    and I woke up this morning with a torn pair of shoes.
    Found I'd ruined my life and everyone else's too.
    I guess this is what my teachers warned me drugs would do

    But they forgot to mention the way
    that the morphine makes the pain go away.
    And how I'll always remember the good times in my spine
    And the holes I burned in my brain with this next line.

    If I found Satan anywhere it would be by the tracks.
    Trading souls of kids like me for cheap bags of smack.
    When I find Satan there, you know I won't be thinking twice.
    'Cause at least in hell there's rock-n-roll, there ain't no Jesus Christ.

    And I swear I left my sanity someplace in this mess.
    Crumpled between empty beers & packs of cigarettes.
    Kick my last hope to pieces & just hope for the best.
    I guess this is why my friends warned me against hopelessness

    But they're the ones getting laid
    & I'm the one waking up lonely every single day.
    And I'll remember that as I listen to their crap
    & tell them to fuck off, then hug them after that.

    Well if I found God anywhere it would be by the tracks
    Huffin whippets down as he watches the trains pass.
    When I find God there I'll watch him pass out throwing up.
    'Cause he's cried himself to sleep every night since the one that he made us.

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