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Kris (snusnu) wrote,
@ 2004-05-30 22:59:00
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    Current music:some gay stuff that my parents r listening to on the radio

    a cold heart is a dead heart and it feels like ive been buried alive by love
    today was a pretty good day...

    i went to get my season pass at la ronde with gwen..but considering all the trafic and the coldness, and the long long lines, we didnt go on any rides except for Le Splash, where we got all wet and then we stayed on the bridge where the wave comes in for like 4 times in a row so we were soaked to the bone... and it was sooo cold... we froze... and yeah... then i had to come home...

    then i ate steak for supper...*drool*...and ive been doing nothing since then....

    im really pissed at my mom cuz she wont let me to go la ronde 2morrow with jade jodrey bain steph and jades friend... fuk.... i hate it when she does this to me... and she says "Oh u never have enough".... when the fuk do iever ask her for stuff.... ok the occasional money and permission to sleep pver at friends houses but still WTF??... blahh i hate her soo much.. she alweays has to ruin my fun, and then she complains that im never happy... hmmmmm i wonder why.... .. and then she punishes me for the stupidest reasons and gets even more angry, threatens to struggle me to death, yells at me some more about an attitude problem that i have, and the list goes on and on and on and on and on....

    i'd seriously do anything to get outta here.... i sometimes day dream inherrting a lot of money and taking off somewhere where i'd be able to do whatever i want.... but then i wake up in reality facing soo many problems.. its really bad... but wtv i dont feel like writing to the world about all my worries and all my complaints (sp?) and all my shit so fuk off

    ---X-tina Out---

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