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Kris (snusnu) wrote,
@ 2004-05-20 22:56:00
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    Current music:nothing..

    yeah im down, but not out and far from done
    hello there little ones... heehee
    today was a pretty fast and good day :)

    math was ok... it was soo funny.. i pretended to be gwen, gwen pretended to be vanessa and vanessa pretended to be me.. lol and raimondo didnt even notice until the last second of class... lol it was good... :p

    then i had french..lariviere was back.. and we did work.. yay...
    then i had history and guess what?... test... argg... i failed for sure but i dont care..

    then i had gym and we went to the park.. and then it was english an we had a sub.. and then it was drama... lol it was funny... the script for our play is finished and its soooo funni... heehee

    so yeah.. i came straight home today cuz i had an appointment... so yeah... blahhh... and basically ive been at home with my mom screaming at me to clean up my room... fuk its MY room... i kan do what i want rite? i mean she doesnt have to live in it, i do.... so yeah

    2morrow's casual day.. and ive got nothing to wear.... arggg..

    blahhh... i started writing poems today... im just soo bored... so yeah... this is a poem that i just finished writing.. and yea i know it sux but who cares, this is my live journal and i kan write wtv i want... so here it goes


    As i sit here thinking about my day
    I realize that my life's not worth livin'
    It's gotten to the point where there's nothing left but emptyness and my only choise is to give up
    It's making me fall apart and decay into ashes
    'cuz thats all i'll ever be
    But i'll be blown away witht he wind
    And be swept into your arms, invisable...


    so yeah.. very interesting isnt it? muhaahaahaa
    well suddenly i feel a bit better :).... so i shall be off now...


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