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Kris (snusnu) wrote,
@ 2004-05-18 22:56:00
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    Current music:beware! criminal - incubus

    theres nothing here left for me but empty promises
    today was an ok kinda day... i was soo lost cuz i had forgotten that i had hw to do i was kept busy pretty much day....
    math was sooo boring... i seriously couldnt keep my eyes open.. like i had buttino and we started talking about the Female "System"... i dont know how to say this cuz its... embarrassing... bope...
    then we had english... it was boring and we even have stupid hw to do, which i didnt do so someone has to remind me to do it 2morrow....then it was drama.... lol it was soo funny... then french.. lariviere came back (finally) and yeah it was the usual... and of course history... we watched a movie on Jesus.. yay!.... what fun..
    i came straight home cuz i didnt feel like staying at the metro or going to the DQ... i just wanna be left alone.. so ya...i stayed home for the rest of the night.. eating a whole bunch of popsilces ... and listening to john frusciane until i got tired so i am currently listening to incubus... so yeah.. theres not much to say...
    ... i guess im getting a bit beter at playing guitar... im so proud of myself.. but i kant wait until summer camp, but in the month of august, we go up north and stay 1 night in the house thingy, and my friend salvatore says hes gunna help me play guitar... yay i feel soo special :):) heeheeheee... so basically thats whats been keeping me happy... but without something to look forward too, i have nothing..,, which brings me back to my crazy obssession with Gibson Sg's... one day.. i shall get one...... but one day... *dreams off*...
    aiight well i shall go now... burbyesss


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