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<+>.:*SaMaNtHa*:.<+> (snowflake86sb) wrote,
@ 2004-07-04 10:50:00
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    Current mood: calm
    Current music:311 - Love Song

    There's No Place Like Home
    Well i can get online and all now thanks to the oh so wonderful Sean :oP heh

    well not that much has been going on here down in North Carolina...On Thursday we ate at MiCastia's for lunch..this lil mexican resturant....but we went to the one by our house instead of the one we always go to...then after lunch we went with Jon to the Air Force Base so he could show Sean around and we went around the obstale course some and sean did the rope thing and filped over without falling through :oP then Jon had a dentist appointment so he drop off at this place to hangout there for awhile and we played pool.....Then when we got home i was wicked tired and took a nap till my mommy came home :o) then after she got home we all headed off to the mall and thier mall is so much better then you can actually walk in the stores and thier not the size of a closet :oP well i got these really cute pink flip-flops that were on sale and my mom got some new clothes for work :o)

    Yeserday was alright not much went on.....we went to drop off some film and i cant wait to get it back! then we went and got some pizza and rented some movies...last night we watched 50 first dates and i thought it was a cute movie...well thats all for imma go now LateR

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