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Tamika (sniffster) wrote,
@ 2004-07-24 22:34:00
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    Current mood: uncomfortable
    Current music:Get Down- Audio Adreneline

    Instructions: On your current playlist, hit shuffle and pick the first twenty songs on the list (no matter how cheesy or embarrassing), and write down your favorite line of the song. Try to avoid putting the song title in the line. Then, have your friends comment and see if they know the songs.

    1. sold out men from across the way/ he thought he heard what he heard you say/ hey now man your watch it shines/ for the bid of a moment yeilds 40 times

    2. Shell smashed, juices flowing /Wings twitch, legs are going /Don't get sentimental /It always ends up drivel

    3.I used to sit and watch the pouring rain /I used to wish to be back home again /I hadn’t the strength then /I hadn’t the chance to reveal it / But it’s all in your hands

    4. You came from heaven to earth/ to shw the way/ from the earth to the cross/ my debt to pay/ from the cross to the grave/ from the grave to the sky

    5. Rock on, ancient woman / Follow those who pale / In your shadow /Rulers make bad lovers / You better put your kingdom up for sale

    6. I meant you're outta line /With your friends and all your jokes /Moving out tonight / Making phones that hot to hold

    7. 'Cause I came here with a load /And it feels so much lighter since I met you / /Honey you should know,
    That I could never go on / Without you

    8.Suck, suck your teenage thumb /Toilet trained and dumb /When the power runs out /We'll just hum

    9. Fell out of the sky /Cease it to be /Without a reply /Gravity fails me /And when I awoke /I knew what was real

    10. The movie wasn't so hot, it didn't have much of a plot /We fell asleep, our goose is cooked, our reputation is shot

    11. It's the same old theme since nineteen-sixteen. /In your head, in your head they're still fighting, /With their tanks and their bombs, /And their bombs and their guns. /In your head, in your head, they are dying...

    12. It's a long silent peace /It'a a weakness in your knees /It's a perfect place to go for everlasting love

    13. peace of conscience, peace with God /we obtain through Jesus’ blood /Jesus’ blood speaks solid rest /we believe, and we are blest

    14. Yes I'm blue, but from holding my breath /Like I have from the start /I'm the villain and I should confess /I liked you better before

    15. It's always best when the light is off /I am the pick in the ice /Do not cry out or hit the alarm /You know we're friends till we die

    16. This is the story of how we begin to remembr/ this is the powerful pulsing of love in the viens/ after the dream of falling and calling you name out/ these are the roots of rhythm and the roots of rythm remain

    17.Your love is amazng/ steady and unchanging/ your love is a mountain/ firm beneath my feet/ your love is a mystery/ how you gently lift me/ when i am surrounded/ your carries me

    18. For you, there'll be no more crying, /For you, the sun will be shining, /And I feel that when I'm with you, It's alright, I know it's right

    19. Over dreams, I have picked out a perfect come true /Though you never knew it was of you I've been dreaming

    20. Each time it comes it eats me alive /I try to behave but it eats me alive /So I declare a holiday /Fall asleep, drift away

    this summer is blah. i wanna go back to school....

    workcamp was cool. beth dugan came along, so that was way cool. but now i just work for the rest o the summer. blah

    oh and linsey came by tonght. hooay!

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