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Tamika (sniffster) wrote,
@ 2004-06-23 19:37:00
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    i couldn't resists stealing this from nicole!
    one segment of a much longer quiz
    164. Lisa: that makes me think of someone from fulton county with big hair and leathery skin who smokes all the time. i dont know a lisa like that, but i'm sure one exists
    165. Jennifer: Well i would say Jenn, but her name wasn't jennifer, so I'm going to say the sister of one of the girls from my class in mcconnellsburg...i didn't know her that well
    166. Lindsey: Well i know a lot of those. all i can think of is that there are so many spellings for lindsay (linsey, linsey, lindsey, linsay) that i can't decide. so here's a list! Linsey Sluk, Lindsey Wigley, Lindsay Lininger, Lindsay Rosetta-Harper, Lindsay Steinour, okay i'm sick of this game.
    167. Megan: Whitehouse. She was this creepy girl in my 1st grade class. She had scary blonde hair that always looked like she hadn't brushed it
    168. Brandon: taylor. The guy i sat next to in 8th grade when I took biology. His cousin is the guitarist for the band live. He was cool and his mom was a hair dresser. He had this weird arm muscle problem, but he got surgery. before the operation he couldn't bend his arms at the elbow very well so they were always up by his chest.
    169. Melony: what an 80s name.
    170. Angela: Hancock. Her birthday is the same as mine and she was our co-pastor with her husband trent. He went into the army after 9/11 because he was in ROTC and then when he came back, not long after they found out angela had leukemia. She's doing better and they're coming to visit the church soon!
    171. Michelle: Full House baby.
    172. Terry: This mean kid who lived on my street and used to throw walnuts at me. kenny came out to defend me and hit him in the head with a walnut and he threatened to call the cops. what a dummy
    173. Claudia: Sadly, I think of the Babysitters club too.
    174. Ryan: Uh...Caddrette? Or maybe Ramsey. He used to be in the McConnellsburg Track team when i was still there and he was a distance runner. He also worked at Rotz Meats. He was cool
    175. Lauren: PAGE! Ew! Well sorta. I miss the Laurie i was friends with my freshman year....but i dont miss whiney mean sucky laurie.
    176. Derek: Okay this is weird...Derek was Laurie's boyfriend when i was a 9th grader, before she started to date Drew. He was a jerk i hear, but i never met him.
    177. Brad: A percussionist from McConnellsburg! He was terrible and he hated it! He played bass drum in marching band and it was fun!
    178. Jason: The kid who was friends with Jenn and me...he was a jerk though...i think he's gay, but the point is that he's pretty two faced.
    179. Kevin: Beth Dugans least i think they're still dating...I have no clue.
    180. Holy: That song Open the Eyes of my Heart...aka camp songs.
    181. Jackie: Chan. Or Mellott...she's nice...auntkarens good friend
    182. Christian: Camp
    183. Carol: Grandma Peggy's old landlord
    184. Joseph: I dont know any of those i dont think...
    185. Betsy: ....wetsy? hahahah betsy willis!
    186. Patrick: Conant? or just irish people. yay irish!
    187. Penis: Liz Stockdale...hahahahahahahahahahhah

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