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Tamika (sniffster) wrote,
@ 2004-02-03 21:54:00
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    Current mood: distressed
    Current music:None, my freakin had hurts

    Starting time: 9:37 pm
    Name: Stef
    Age: 16
    Sex: Female
    Birthday: June 26

    Name three bad habits you have:
    1) Doubting myself
    2) Pride (irony? no, it's not wasted on me...)
    3) Forgetting God

    Name four scents you love:
    1) Pine
    2) Camp smell (i know it sounds weird but my camp girls know the distinct smell i'm talking about, even if it's not always's still camp!)
    3) Coffee
    4) Just washed clothing

    Name four animals you like:
    1) Doggies!!
    2) ...doggies?
    3) Still doggies...
    4) Um...i guess turtles are okay

    Name four television shows you love:
    1) Queer Eye
    2) Simpsons
    3) Lingo
    4) Jerry Springer/Ricki Lake/Maury

    Name four bands/groups/singers you like that most people don't know you like:
    1) Bicycle Thief
    2) Miles Davis
    3) Harvey Danger
    4) Toad the Wet Sprocket

    Name four drinks you regularly drink:
    1) Coke
    2) Fuze
    3) Orange Juice
    4) Water

    Name four random facts about yourself:
    1) I bruised my hand making baked apples
    2) I hate it when my feet are cold
    3) I dont really like myself sometimes
    4) I used to get all A's in school (aaah, public school how i miss you)

    Name four songs that represent you:
    1) Guster- Happier
    2) Jars of Clay- Sad Clown
    3) Jars of Clay- Redemption Song
    4) Sting- Fields of Gold

    Name three things that you think people think about you that aren't true:
    1) I'm calm
    2) I'm popular
    3) I'm some sort of stellar Christian

    MY HAND HURTS. I have a big swollen bruise and a blood blister. Pity me.

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