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Mike Williams (snaredude) wrote,
@ 2003-10-13 18:47:00
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    Current mood: hungry
    Current music:Linkin Park - Don't Stay

    And so, another day has arrived, and here at my computer I have arrived, inevitably. It's been a long long day.

    It's amazing how I manage to BS my way through school. I'm 7th in my class with a 4.125 average. I never do homework, ever. I just thank the heavens everyday that I'm as resourceful as I am, because I would fail.
    But anyways, I digress. Long day. Any day with band practice is a long day (this is everyday except Wednesday). But this day was particularly long, because our instructor decided that we need way more drill practice, and today was supposed to be an easy musical practice... and it wasn't. Gayocity to the max. So, as it goes these days, we're all super critical of ourselves and others (which is my influence, I'm sure) and so we're always at each other's throats "You missed the direction change you (insert curse here)!!", "No way dude, and besides, you're name starts with a D! And you clearly played measure 36 at a 6 inch level, when it is obviously at 9 inches, jacktard!" And so forth. But its because of this that we're so good, so we suck it up.

    I decided sometime yesterday, as I was laying in bed, trying to sleep, that I wanted to learn how to play euphonium so that I could march it in corps (since there's a huge shortage of euph players). And so, I spoke with my good friend, Dennis "Dutchy" Giotta. He gave me a mouthpiece and thoughtfully stole a school baritone so that I could practice. I'm not that bad, I could totally be good enough by mid november. And I will, just you watch.

    Now why do I swtich instruments? Well, I recently decided (also around last night) that I want to major in music and become a director in the future. I have perpetual band nerdness, and my momentum is built up. And so, I need to learn an actual "musical instrument" instead of "objects you hit and are really loud." I know all my major scales, and I know all the little terms such as "intonation" and "vibrato" and "play louder," so I should be ok. So I use so alot don't I?

    But dinner is almost ready, I may post later, if you care. Which you don't.

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