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hiding behind smiles (smion) wrote,
@ 2003-01-13 15:53:00
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    Current mood:meh
    Current music:one candle power - weak hearts will never fail

    "away from prying eyes..."
    well. does anyone know what the fuck is going on?
    don't answer that. um
    well. strange weekend but isn't it always?
    i talked to innes about my plans for a junk male reunion. i don't think he would've said yes but justine and jes we're both there when i popped the question and they seemed to really like the idea and i think they convinced him. then when we got talking more about it he seemed to start liking the idea. we might be playing a show in newmarket in february if we can get our shit together.

    saturday me and wicky went on a booze run. we scored a 26er of whiskey, 2 mickey's of whiskey, three mickey's of vodka and two colt 45's. we only paid for the colt 45's. we rule.

    in other news i re-learned how to make whiskey sours. i will be enternally grateful to the whiskey gods if they don't let me forget ever again.

    needless to say i got pretty bruce willised saturday night. me and wicky didn't stop drinking till seven in the morning. things were weird at the party they weren't bad but they were weird. and some things were going on that i couldn't quite grasp. nevermind.

    i am evil.

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