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Orange (smerd) wrote,
@ 2006-01-13 02:54:00
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    Current mood:aggravated
    Current music:zilch

    so bloody hell
    Ok. So yesterday I ventured to the psychiatrist. I told the doctor my annoying side effects...

    Side effects? More like life inhibitors. These bloody depakotes dunt allow me to feel things are funny in my head, they only allow me to still think things are funny. thus i still respond with a bloody laugh or smile or whatever, and everthing appears normal. thus, I'M CURED! only a fucking simpleton truly believes that. Hell, he gave me such a bloody long staring at, hahahaha, you have to watch ur words with these bastards, and ur attitude. they're really quite crap.

    Ya know who's really pretty? Michelle Yeoh.

    I haven't been reading much. Poo.

    At least I'm not a naive goodie two shoes drowning in disillusioned psychosis. that's always a real bitch. although, i'm now an angry belligerant, self destructive real bitch.

    I woke up at midnight. Who the fuck wakes up at midnight? No one. What to do...

    SHE was just on.

    Well, I have absolutely nothing to do. Oh well. Get a joib they say...hahaha. Wait, actually, no one's told me to get a job, or go to military, or anything since I'm on drugs. Drugs that make me depressed. That make me tired. That makes me a semi sociopath. All for not being social and becoming a abusive child molesting psychopath like the fuckers I live around. And a few ther bloody things...

    So dissent must either drink, and if they get too wild with their drinkingm, or iof it doesnt work, they go on drugs, and if they get rejected because they dunt drink, they go on drugs. Amazing. Just amazing...not. That's a lot of liver damage. Fuckers.

    Oh yeahm, I thought I made another promise to myself to truly try to get into and do well in college. eh, the motivation is...pathetic. oh well.

    I was once on the cc team in high school, and all the sucky ass thug runners totally dominated over the varsity. it was pathetic. the senoirity bullshit. yet, the varisty refused to use their status and fight the bastard thugs. they just went and hid. it's really fucking retarded. i wish i never ran cc. dumbass bullshit.

    my head still hurts.

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