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smacker_licious (smacker_licious) wrote,
@ 2003-03-16 02:07:00
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    Current mood: sleepy
    Current music:Ā§Ja Rule-- MesmerizedĀ§

    Things have changed...'s been awhile since i've i've got alot to say...okay first of all Matt and I are talkin again!! YAY!! we have been for about a month or so now...everything is going really good with us...we are takin it slow...but it's working out...his ex amanda was causin some probs but she is layin off a bit now...but she is still all over matt..and that kills me..i wish she would lay off and get a life....Matt and I still fight a bit...he doesn't ever look at it from my perspective...what he says goes and that kills me...he is so complicated...everything is different when it involves him...Like the other day he got mad cuz i went to my friends house and i didn't call him...( i didn't have access to a phone or i would have) and then he get's all mad about it and tells me that if i really cared and wanted to talk to him i would've called....well last night he went to his friends house and he told me for sure he would call me...i told him if he couldn't call to tell me then...but he insisted that it would be no prob to call me...and so i waited for his call all night long...and it never came and when i asked him about it...he said he was too tired to call..but he stayed up all night with brandon...ugh that makes me so furious...but we do have out lil probs but we try to work them out...i'm really happy...things are finally goin back to normal..i made mistakes but i paid my debts and now i'm gettin back what once was all of my friends and my baby (matthew) me and matt did have our ups and our share of downs...but love conquers me and him will be just fine!!

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