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Amy (slverdragonn) wrote,
@ 2003-12-07 15:47:00
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    Current mood: crazy
    Current music:My Tourniquet ~Evenesence~

    a Good DAY! whoo hoo!
    wad up people.... well today is farly good...compaired to yesterday when my mother wanted to send me to a long-term hospital for cutters and depresstion. That was a below the belt hit... i didn't like that. But anyway.. i got a call on my cell this morning at like 5:49am it was the manager at my job... i guess the girl that was supposed to work the 5:30-3:00 shift didn't show up so she wanted me to come it. Well me and the one chick were splitting shifts and i was gonna go in at 11:00 and stay till 3. as it tured out i didn't have to go in cuz she came in.

    When i got to work i told her how she scared the hell outta me cuz i thought that i hadda be there at 5:30 and didn't kno. So she told me her whole story and i was ok after that. So i worked with my buddie Meg and her BF Chris, we had a grand old time...we didn't really do nething... i did do some stuff but other than that we just sat there. This really fucked up jerk came in and the store after pumping gas and the Crind paper for that pump was out and he wanted his recipte and he was giving Meg a hard time cuz she wasn't going fast enough... to make a short story long... she told the dude to Fuck off while he was leaving. YEH MEG!

    No im home, my grandfather got me a movie so i can fall asleep watching that and drinking my Vinilla Coke! Yeh baby! So i donno what my plans are for 2n i think i might see if i can get some people and go somewhere....oh wait i don't have people to social circle is 1.... oh well.... Lizzee will call me tonight and i can talk to her.. Yeh Lizzee, you my gurl! my lil Duckie!

    Ne ways im gonna peace outta this shizzle... with a fuck you and a have a nice day, with a peace easy and a shout out to my CALL gurls!


    Jst wait till i get my licence..were all gonna be fuckin Free!

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