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Lucky~Star (slitwristinc) wrote,
@ 2004-06-13 18:09:00
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    Current mood: ecstatic
    Current music:John Cena-Basic Thugonomics

    phew went well
    omg today was the coolest
    me mum and kieth went to the horse and jockey beefeater and met her dad and sister
    mums dad was really funny and witty and her sister i have decided is wearing chicken fillet thingys that you put in your bra.then we went back to mum and kieths house to make a birthday card for my brother (ben) who's birthday is today :)
    then we went back to were i live and they met my parents there and had a look through all the photos i had been given and the ones that mum had.i must say i looked bloody foul when i was a baby i had all these tubes stuck up me nose (which probably explains why i get a stuffy nose)
    i also reckon i strike a good resemblance to the ppl off legeue of gentlemen the local shop dudes.
    in mum and keiths house they have all this hi-tec gear which is ill,state of the art computer and telly (well to me they are)
    when i said goodbye i nearly started crying lol.wussy.
    rene dupree online has got a new lay out i wish i could have a cool lay out for this page but have no idea how.anyone help me???
    ill be going to seamus' pub tonight was invited by steph so il probably leave early coz football doesnt intrest me and itl be packed in there,im skint as hell i wish i was a millionaire,i deserve to be one i reckon lol.
    i really like every one elses groovy icons where the hell do u get them from??again if anyone nos tell me lol.
    oh yeah on the way back to mine we got stuck behind some sort of beverly hillbille type car,we over took it and i couldnt resist shouting yee haaaaaar unfortuantly we came up to the traffic lights so i had to duck coz they were behind us...wankers.
    yeah ben and his girlfriend claire came back from greece yesterday they came round to see us this morning just befor i went out to see mum and kieth.tanned up and everything lucky like a bloody reflector lol not fair i cant tan at all.i sorta see a resemblance of 'dirty den' from eastenders in mums dad i told him that and he laughed hehehe.i didnt want to aske her sister about a boob job on our first meeting i decided sorry.
    im not too sure if i wanna go to the pub actually im pretty knackered.just got off the phone made an excuse i am kinda pooped after today.this is really cute

    OMG a really good place to go for dolls is
    dont really have any that i resemble but im not amaziongly skinny..curvacious lol
    yay me mums online.ok laterz

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