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Lucky~Star (slitwristinc) wrote,
@ 2004-06-10 22:03:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:Duran Duran-The Reflex

    mmmm john cena
    oooo just got out my backlash dvd to watch john when he was a heel.he's still sexy minus the old grandad beach hat lol.i prefer his baseball hats he wears now personally.i was told today on his official message forum by someone that i have a good sense of humour,im touched no sarcasm i am genuinly touched.however once you get to no the real me u will however discover i have a foul,warped,sick,psychopathic sense of humour,the stuff i say on message forums or whatever are mild clean cute fun lol i'd like to think that anyway.
    spoke to me mum and now it turns out i will be meeting her sister (my aunt) and her dad (my grandad)
    and we'r gonna go to a beefeater yay coz her dad isn't one for burger kings (wussy)i havent been to a beefeater in ages iv forgotton how great the food is.although i feel bad as every1 else is paying and she said not to worry.god dammit i wanna contribute
    i was amused by the fact that by typing 'prozac' it became underlined and linked to a drugs website it makes me smile that by reading my posts someone with depression can somehow find help off my warble.i doubt that will happen but heres hoping.
    that idiot pricey has deleted all my guestbook signings the ungrateful twat.oh and by the way i can spell and use capital letters but in this case i really cannot be arsed i type too quick anyway so i dont really bother.

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