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James (slimjim00993) wrote,
@ 2005-02-13 10:04:00
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    So yesturday i got my tounge pierced. It didnt feel that bad until this morning when i woke up it was swolen and hurt like a fucking bitch. Last night i was so excited that i got it done i wanted to show it to my friends, one in particualr caleed to see if WE (Me and Anthony) wanted to hang out. I told her i would call her back after dinner, thats what i did. Granted it wasnt right after dinner, i cleaned the kitchen and it took me a little longer then usual to eat, but i called back. The first thing she did was answer the phone with WHAT?! Then she was just rude to me throughout the whole conversation. Or maybe my fake-bubbly-personality has just gotton into my head, and i want everyone to have one too. I dont know. I am so ready to go Ohio, it seems like when i first mentioned it, there were two people that didnt want me to go, well now it only feels like 1 person doesnt want me to go. To all my other so-called "friends", i must just be old news. Well when i am gone i hope that nobody remembers my phone number or me at all. It will so make my transition to ohio a whole lot easier then last time. With the exception of two people, Tracy and Mario and people in there households, noone else can call, write, talk about, or think about ME! Anywho, i am going to try to eat something because i am fucking starving.

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